Google Music could launch sooner than expected

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Earlier this month, it was announced that Google would launch its Music service and Google 3.0 together sometime by the Holiday season. Such a vague time frame could imply mid November or Christmas. However, it looks like Google’s VP, Andy Rubin, is amidst “accelerated” talks with Harry Fox Agency in order to get its Music service off the ground and running.

The pace and seriousness of talks with Harry Fox Agency, a licensing agency with rights to more than 27,000 songs, suggests that Google could launch Google Music as early as November. Naturally, Google nor Harry Fox Agency would not comment on this speculation, especially considering Google Music isn’t completely official at this time. With iTunes owning 28% of the market share, it is no surprise the music industry wants another dominant player in the market in order to make it more balanced and competitive. After all, Amazon and Wal-Mart only own a 12% market share each, so Google could make a large splash if its product is more open compared to iTunes.

Even though we haven’t heard anything new about Google Music, this serves as another piece of evidence that Google Music is just around the corner and will hopefully be a legitimate competitor to Apple’s iTunes.

Via [NY Post]

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