Firefox 4 Beta 2 adds App Tabs

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Firefox 4 Beta 2 App Tabs
It was just a week ago that we saw the release of the first Firefox 4 beta. A few days ago we saw a new feature that’s being tested for the browser in App Candy. Now we have the second beta of the browser, though we’re lacking the Tab Candy integration, which is no surprise.

The biggest update on the user end of Firefox 4 beta 2 is the addition of App Tabs. We’ve already seen App Tabs in Google Chrome as pinned tabs. The basic premise is the same, App Tabs simply show a favicon in the tab bar, and are meant to be open at all times. The idea is that many users have tabs they want to keep open at all times anyway (Gmail. Pandora, Calendar, social networks, etc.) that shouldn’t be taking up space or closed accidentally. Aside from App Tabs, Mac users now finally have tabs on the top of the bar with this version.

Under the hood of Firefox 4 beta 2 we see improved support for CSS3. Mozilla is touting improved support for some features, and even has a site dedicated to the improvements. Most of the examples also seem to work in Google Chrome.

With the second beta of Firefox 4 already here, it looks like Mozilla is staying true to it’s October release date for the new version of the browser. Hopefully we can see some version of Tab Candy baked into one of the next betas (the test release was running on a pre-release beta 3). That functionality would really make the browser wars interesting.

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  • Bill Boulware

    The problem is the tabs aren't persistent like the long time add-on "App Tab" so if you close your browser, you have to set each one up again – PIA