100 million Facebook pages posted on torrent site

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100 million facebook pages on torrent site

A 2.8GB torrent containing the personal information of over 100 million Facebook users reared its ugly head onto a torrent site. Hacking extraordinaire Ron Bowes developed a web crawler program that accumulated data on all users on Facebook’s open access directory. These list is comprised of those Facebook users that have not changed their privacy settings to keep their pages unsearchable through search engines.

The hacker’s torrent contains more than 171 million entries which are related to over 100 million unknowing users. The contents of the file? User account names and a URL to their respective page which would reveal highly confidential information such as: a date of birth, home address and even phone numbers. Of course that information is already accessible to Facebook users anyways so what’s the big deal right?

The grey area comes into place as this list will allow you to search through to friends’ profiles even if they have secured their privacy settings deeming it an invasion of privacy. I feel like Bowes’ hard work would have been profitable on a marketing black market (if such a thing exists).

Moral of the story: lock up your profiles ladies and gentlemen.

Via [Thinq]

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