Possible myTouch 3G HD image leaks, could be next HSPA+ smartphone

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myTouch 3G HD

Yesterday, we reported T-Mobile unveiling a teaser page for its first HSPA+ capable smartphone. Instead of the teaser page showing a brand new phone, it left a silhouette of the phone, leaving it up to the imaginary of T-Mobile’s followers to fill in the missing phone. However the word Vanguard, a phone that has become synonymous with HTC Vision/G1 Blaze, was hidden deep inside the teaser page’s source code, giving rise to the possibility that the Vanguard is the first HSPA+ phone.

Today, Android Central received an image from a tipster who calls the phone pictured above the myTouch 3G HD. As you can see, it has the familiar Genius button and myTouch branding. The revelation of such an image is leading many to believe that the 3G HD might just be the first HSPA+ phone. Again, this is simply rumor and speculation, the phone above could turn out to be nothing. Hopefully T-Mobile fills in the missing phone picture on the teaser page so we can put these rumors to rest.

Via [Android Central]

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