RIM acquires, prepping an iPad killer?

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The iPad is extremely popular today mainly because there aren’t many strong competitors. Many companies plan on creating an Android tablet, but most of them will not be ready for prime time until 2011. However, for those who like BlackBerry’s, it looks like RIM might be preparing its own iPad killer with a device known as BlackPad.

Just a few days ago, RIM acquired the domain name, but hasn’t filled the site with anything. Interestingly enough, the domain has been owned by someone since January 2002, meaning RIM probably had to negotiate a deal with someone for rights to the domain. Of course, this is just a rumor that RIM is planning to launch its own tablet device in the form of the BlackPad, but RIM definitely acquired the domain recently. Who knows, maybe we’ll see a prototype of the BlackPad at RIM’s event next Tuesday.

Via [MobileCrunch]

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  • BlackPad

    The Blackpad as we know it today, will have the same screen size as the iPad, WiFi and will connect to Blackberry Devices via Bluetooth much like the infamous “Foleo” from Palm