UAE & Saudi Arabia ban most of what makes the BlackBerry a BlackBerry

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It looks like the BlackBerry has been severely limited in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Well, more accurately, the BlackBerry will soon be limited.

Both nations are unhappy that they are unable to monitor such communications via the handsets.

This is because the Blackberry handsets automatically send the encrypted data to computer servers outside the two countries.

According to a recent BBC report, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will be blocking email, instant messaging and web access from BlackBerry devices as of October. In terms of Saudi Arabia, this one is not quite as restrictive, however it still takes one important service away — BlackBerry to BlackBerry instant messaging. The Saudi ban is set to go into effect as of sometime later this month.

And just like that, the BlackBerry has become as semi-functional device in both areas.

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