Android outsold iPhone in the first half of 2010

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NPD Logo It’s no secret that Android is starting to take more and more of the smartphone market from Apple, RIM, and others. We already know that Android phone shipments were up an incredible 886% year-over-year. That doesn’t mean that the phones are selling any better, but now we have confirmation that for the first half of this year Android phones have sold better than iPhones.

According to NPD data, for the first half of 2010, Android phones made up a total of 27% of smartphone sales. Apple’s iPhone sales, on the other hand, made up 23% of all smartphone sales for the half. It’s not terribly surprising given that Android smartphones are available on all the major US carriers, and the iPhone is only available for AT&T. There’s also quite a few more Android phones than the iPhone, of which there’s only ever two models available at any given time. It’s also worth noting that the iPhone 4 was only available for a few days in the half, and may already knew that they would wait for the new version when it was leaked. Although, there’s always new and better Android phones looming just ahead that could prevent many from buying Android phones at the same time.

Coming to the iPhone 4 from an Android smartphone, I can see why Android sells more. There are some aspects of the OS that are simply easier to manage, like notifications, and there are some apps that are nice to have. The constant stress of knowing the next best phone will be outdone by another one in six weeks or so, as well as the perpetual waiting for an OS update was worth it to get out of the OS. It could be that we’ll see a bit of a shift back towards Apple in the second half. The new Android phones, like the Samsung Galaxy 2 phones, do look good, though. We also can’t count out BlackBerry 6 and Windows Phone 7 which should both be coming soon.

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