iPhone app puts your picture on a Visa gift card

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0 logoDesigned, apparently, for the segment of the population that doesn’t see gift cards as the “last minute, ah crickey, I forgot” gift, is using it’s new iPhone app to put users images on Visa gift cards. That’s right, with a little extra planning, users can put their images, straight from their iPhone, onto gift cards of varying amounts.

“We are excited about this new feature of our iPhone app. It provides our customers the ability to use their iPhone to snap a picture and then convert that picture into a plastic Visa gift card with value loaded,” stated Jason Wolfe, CEO of

The company, has already sold over $140 million in gift cards and operates a discounted merchant card service where the company buys cards with balance and resells them at a discount.

The company’s iPhone app does a nice job of turning something rather impresonal, into something entirely personal.

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