Connect your iPad at 4G speeds with Clearwire iSpot hotspot

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Clear iSpot 4G hotspot for your iPad Clearwire is going after Apple customers with their new iSpot 4G hotspot device. Capable of bringing blazing 4G speeds, the iSpot is similar in design to the popular MiFi. Clearwire is tilting their marketing to woo Apple customers.

“With the iSpot, Apple customers don’t have to sort through confusing service plans with overage fees, nor do they have to worry about how much data they’re using,” said Thomas Enraght-Moony, senior vice president of marketing at Clearwire. “Instead, with CLEAR, customers can run all of their Apple mobile devices at true broadband speeds for a single, simple monthly fee.”

It would seem there is more than just the “white casing …specifically designed to complement the iconic image of Apple products.” While the iSpot is capable of connecting 8 devices at once, all 8 must be Apple mobile products: iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. No laptops??

“iSpot was built and optimized by CLEAR for Apple mobile devices (although Apple isn’t likely to tell you that) . If you want to experience the same kind of tummy-twisting speed on your laptops, cameras or other smartphones, there are some sweet Spot products that will make you very happy.”

What is interesting is users can pick up the iSpot for $99 and no monthly contract. Monthly service is $25 (labelled as an introductory price – warning). Users also have the option for pay $4.99 per month for 2 years. However, today (and only today says the press release), the iSpot is just $29.99 if users sign a 2-year contract for service.

Locking this thing to Apple products only seems arbitrary. If I am going to be forced to carry around another thing, I’d expect it to be flexible enough to cover my laptop. This just rubs me the wrong way, how about you?

It would also seem this is 4G only. No 3G back up. With 4G’s limited coverage, the iSpot’s target market is narrow, narrow indeed.

Product page: [Clearwire]

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