US to stay largest mobile population says Pyramid Research study

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wireless to keep USA in lead till 2015USA. USA. We’re number one! According to Pyramid Research, USA will continue to lead the world in mobile subscriptions over the next 5 years, staying ahead of China and Japan. The study points out that smartphone adoption will continue at high rates and even when saturated, connected devices will continue to spur demand. The study also shows revenue from mobile subscriptions will overtake all fixed-line services by 2015.

“We believe embedded 3G, WiMax, and LTE devices, including M2M communications, e-readers, and telematics, will continue to drive adoption after the market exceeds 100 percent penetration,” says Ozgur Aytar, Research Director at Pyramid Research. “All of the major broadband service providers already, or are beginning to, provide service bundles that integrate mobile broadband services, a key area of differentiation. By 2015, we expect mobile services to overtake fixed in terms of revenue.”

Translation: we’re putting radios in everything. Your fridge will Tweet when your out of milk. Your car will text you when your daughter drives over 56 mph. Your books will email you when they are due back at the library. Useful applications go on and on. I can’t wait to live in the future!

What’s more, Pyramid suggests broadband services will overtake voice lines in 2011 as the primary means of communication.

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