Why do people find it funny to jailbreak Apple Store display model iPhones?

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Why do people find it funny to jailbreak Apple Store display model iPhones A little rant here, but why has it become cool to go into an Apple Store and jailbreak the display model iPhones? Well, the obvious answer is that it has become super easy to jailbreak an iPhone now that the website has been revived. But seriously, what the hell does it accomplish by doing so? It is not making any statement to Apple. Not that I can see anyway. As for what I can see, the only ones that are affected are the in-store employees that have to take extra time and restore the phones back to an original state. Well, to be fair, the people who are doing the jailbreaking are getting something — a childish laugh. Seriously stop it. Oh wait, you will be stopping because Apple seems to have cut the practice off by using DNS forwarding. According to Cult Of Mac, if you try and get to the website from within an Apple Store it will automatically be forwarded back to Well played Apple, well played. That said, I do have to wonder what took them so long. But the bottom line, jailbreaking is a good tool to have available but unfortunately when you make it super simple you attract a whole new group of immature idiots to the party. Maybe this is the older guy in me coming out, but I liked jailbreaking better back when it took a little work and not everyone was willing to try in fear of ruining their iPhone.

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  • Peter

    So just go to DNS is for pansies anyway…

  • AdamC

    Kind of reminded of the clowns from quizmodo, remotely turning off the TV sets at CES.

    Yea, clowns…..

  • Fring

    My daughter works at one of the London stores and they have been fighting a running battle with teens doing this, filling the iPhones and iPads with porn site links and so on for 6 months or so. One youth, who was clocked on camera and challenged came out with a tirade of expletives, shouted personal insults(I mean really personal) with cries of 'Apple crap' and finally ripped an iPad off a desk and ran from the store and threw it from the balcony to smash on the floor below. When caught by the centre security later and id'd, he maintained that his dad put him up to it. Maybe so, maybe not.
    The manager says it's the price of their open door policy for kids. It seems to work – the store is never less than heaving.