Telus offers HTC Desire for $79 on 3 year contract starting today

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HTC Desire

Starting today, the largely anticipated Android device in Canda – the HTC Desire, will officially be available through Telus. As of mid-July, we knew the HTC Desire would be available at some point, but no one knew for sure what the price and availability would be. Since Telus decided to begin selling the phone today, we now have official pricing: $79.99 on a three year contract, $349.99 on a two year contract, $399.99 on a one year contract, and $449.99 off contract. The pricing for a three year deal is pretty enticing, but if you prefer to not be locked down by a contract, the off contract pricing is fairly reasonable. The HTC Desire will be upgraded to Android 2.2 sometime by the end of 2010, so it looks like you’ll be stuck running Android 2.1 for the time being.

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