Blockbuster app for Android now available in the Market

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Blockbuster app for Android now available in the Market

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The Blockbuster app for Android has just made its way into the Android Market. Of course, the app has been around for a little while but up until now it was limited to the handsets that it came pre-installed on, such as the Droid X. The app is free to download, but it does integrate with the Blockbuster On Demand service, which means you will need pay the rental or purchase price of the movie you want to check out. So free to download and not so free to use. Otherwise, if you are looking to be able to download and watch movies on your Android smartphone then this seems the app to get at the moment. As for me, I am going to continue to wait for something from Netflix.

Blockbuster app for Android now available in the Market

Via [Android Central]

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  • Dan

    Used Google Goggles to scan the code above and it took me to the market. Result was, "Not Found – The requested item could not be found."

    Searching for, "Bluckbuster" within the Android Market returns nothing.

    Motorola Droid Gen 1, OS 2.2

  • Timothy

    Got it on the DroidX, but a bit of a disappointment… 1) can ONLY download movies off of WiFi and will not use 3G, 2) can only watch the movie on the DroidX, cant use HDMI cable to watch it on TV… I hope Netflix is better!

  • brian

    I just checked the android market, can not find Blockbuster app

  • brian

    blockbuster says it was a premature release of the app so the pulled it off the android market shortly after it's release.

  • Sean

    I can't find the app either, scanned the QR code and it brought up nothing. Where'd it go?

  • jay

    Googled blockbuster application on my HTC evo. Was told that the application was in the Android market ready to download. Checked out the market nothing was there except for blockbuster codes. I would like to watch movies on my phone when is the bba coming to the HTC evo.