Plastic Logic pronounces the Que dead

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Plastic Logic Que

When Plastic Logic canceled all Que ProReader pre-orders, and delayed the device indefinitely, it seemed as if it wouldn’t be the last bit of bad news we’d hear from the company. At the time, it only seemed inevitable that the Que would, in fact, never see the light of day. Now it seems as if that day has finally come.

Plastic Logic has finally announced that it is killing off the Que ProReader as we know it. The device we got a chance to see at CES won’t be released at all. However, Plastic Logic is calling that Que the first-generation of it’s product, and that it will start working on the second generation of the hardware to bring to market. The reason given is that the “market has dramatically changed,” which means the Que no longer makes sense to Plastic Logic.

Of course, the implication is that Plastic Logic believes the Que can’t compete with the iPad, or event he cheaper e-book readers. It is sad to see the Que go out this way, but honestly it probably wouldn’t stand much of chance even it it did come out. The iPad, and the impending tablets we keep hearing about means the Plastic Logic would have to convince users that it’s expensive touchscreen e-ink device is comparable. That’s a fight the Que would likely lose. The iPad already has a 3 million unit lead, and it’s doubtful the Que had anywhere near a third of that when it was actually taking pre-orders before the iPad.

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