Glass bottomed hot air balloon looks terrifying [Not exactly tech]

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Glass bottomed hot air balloon looks terrifying Not exactly tech

Story time, I once went on a hot air balloon ride. It was a great experience, the view was spectacular and it was lots of fun to be just floating around so high in the air. Then again, there were two things that I really did not expect going in, which in hind sight seem like they should have been obvious. First — it was hot, SUPER HOT. And second — it was loud. Yes, the hind sight, fire makes these things go up and fire is hot. Given that, if I had been on the balloon in the above image I am not so sure I would have even noticed the heat or noise. After all, it looks like you are going to fall to the earth. A glass bottomed hot air balloon. Honestly up until now my one and only ride in a hot air balloon was enough, but this I would love to give a try. Interestingly enough, even the person who created this masterpiece admitted the flight was a “terrifying experience.” Who is ready to jump on board?

Read [DailyMail] Via [Gizmodo]

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