Motorola Charm officially available with Telus for $29.99 on 3 year contract

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Motorola Charm While the Motorola Charm is still missing in action here in the United States, the Canadian carrier — Telus — recently launched the candybar Android device. In terms of contract pricing, for three years the device is available for $29.99, for a two year agreement it is available for $149.99, for a one year deal it is available for $199.99, and the off contract price is $249.99.

The Motorola Charm features a 2.8 inch touch screen, 3MP camera with flash, WiFi, Bluetooth, and it operates on Android 2.1 with a MOTOBLUR skin. In addition, it features a full QWERTY keyboard just below the screen and there is a Backtrack navigation pad on the back of the device. Perhaps we will see a launch in the United States shortly since it has already launched in Canada with Telus.

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