T-Mobile G2 leaks in the wild, may launch on September 29

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T-Mobile G2 In the Wild

Just a few days ago T-Mobile updated its teaser page to the feature the impending T-Mobile G2. Unfortunately, T-Mobile decided to keep mum on details such as specs, availability, and actual images, but with the internet it’s hard to keep everything under wraps longer than a day or two.

TmoNews is reporting the T-Mobile G2 may launch on September 29 — a date that makes sense because T-Mobile promised additional information in the coming weeks. Also, HTC’s important event is being held on September 15, which is exactly two weeks before the purported G2 launch. Their “trusty ninja” is also reporting a pre-order period will take place sometime before the launch of the G2, meaning current T-Mobile customers will be the first to be offered the G2. The expected pre-order date is September 9, but again, this is subject to change.

Now, Engadget received two pictures of the actual, physical G2 — which leads them to believe it is the HTC Vision with a 3.7 inch touch screen, slider QWERTY keyboard, and some version of Android slapped on. Take both of these rumors with a grain of salt, the above information and picture leak seems to me a good indication of what’s to come.

Via [TmoNews] Via [Engadget]

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