Galaxy Tab leaks show iPad-style accessories, Verizon-ready chips

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Samsung Galaxy Tab CDMA
If there’s one difference between the iPad and the Galaxy Tab aside from the obvious (size and OS), it’s that Samsung seems like it’s not even trying to keep the Tab a secret. Samsung has teased us with the device, but it’s doubtful that the company wanted us to know everything about the device before the official announcement. The newest Tab leak shows that it’s likely coming to Verizon, and Samsung is preparing a series of iPad-esque accessories.

The Galaxy Tab leak this time has what appears to be the final device with a label on it proclaiming that it is a CDMA model. Seems like it would fit with Verizon’s plans to have a tablet out before the end of the year. The new leak also shows the Tab having four buttons rather than the previous three that we’ve seen.

As for the accessories, leaked images show that Samsung is preparing a case for the Tab similar to the one that Apple sells for the iPad. It’s a simple folder-style case, where the cover fold to provide a stand for the device so it doesn’t lay flat. Samsung is also preparing a keyboard-dock for the Tab, just as Apple does for the iPad. Seems that even though the Tab will have what appears to be Swype installed, Samsung expects some users to want to use it for longer form writing. Or perhaps the company just wants to offer the same as Apple. To complete the set, there is a white set or earbuds with an in-line remote, which seems like it should just be standard by now. The one accessorie that Samsung has over the iPad, is the HDMI-dock. It seems Samsung wants you to be able to use more than just VGA to output video on the Tab.

The accessories all make sense for a tablet of any size, but the fact that the iPad had them first means that for a while, most tablet accessories will be compared to them. The Galaxy Tab looks like it could possibly be a serious contender against the iPad. The only question that remains is how well Android apps will run on the device that seems to have a 1024×600 screen. We’ll just have to wait until Thursday to find out.

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