Shields Up! New wave of chat spam hitting Facebook

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Facebook A new wave of spam is hitting Facebook and exploiting the chat feature. It spreads by sending what looks like a chat from a friend with the words “LOL is this you?” and a link. Clicking on the link results in your friends getting the same spammy chats. It’s believed the link led to a malicious website at one point but it now leads to a 404 not found error. Similar chat spam featuring offers of free ringtones or iPhones is also hitting the site hard. To protect yourself, don’t click on any links in chat pop ups without verifying that it’s really your friend chatting with you. The fake chat windows take the user offline immediately after the malicious message is sent. This stuff is relentless. I had two friends fall for it and I was getting chat pop ups every 20 minutes! Be careful out there!

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    "is this you LOL" !!
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    this is the benifit of only adding people u only know on facebook

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