Clearwire Rover gives you 4G for $5/day

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Clearwire Rover Puck

A few weeks ago, Virgin Mobile released it’s pre-paid MiFi device for those who want 3G coverage on mobile device but don’t want to pay for it every month. That coverage is nice, but what about those of us who want more than 3G speeds? Sure, there’s open hotspots in many places, but WiFi is hard to find everywhere you want it. Clearwire is stepping up with it’s solution: a 4G prepaid hotspot.

Clearwire today has introduced two new products, the Rover Puck and Rover Stick. Both of these devices will all you to use Clearwire’s relatively small 4G network to connect at higher speeds than most 3G. The Rover Stick, is as it sounds: a USB stick that will connect one device to the network which sells for $99. The Rover Puck is a puck-shaped mobile hotspot, which retails for $149.

The draw of the Rover service is the price. Users will be able to get one day of unlimited usage for just $5, with two free days just for signing up. For a week it’ll cost $20, and a month will cost $50. That ends up coming to just a bit more than Virgin’s $40 a month prepaid MiFi, but Rover does offer faster speeds. Of course, which device you’d want to use depends on where you plan on using it. The Rover taps into 4G only in those select cities with the coverage, while Virgin’s will provide coverage across most of the country. With Rover, being able to pay for just the amount of time you’d need is a nice feature to have, and one that Virgin currently lacks.

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