Gadgetell Review: Saddleback Leather iPad Sleeve

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Gadgetell Review Saddleback Leather iPad Sleeve

What is being reviewed?

Similar to my previous iPad case review, this one is also long overdue. That said, this can actually be considered more of a long term review as opposed to short term and that can be better in terms of an iPad case for wear and tear. Needless to say, up for review today is the “iPad Sleeve Gadget Pouch” from Saddleback Leather. And for the disclaimer, Saddleback provided the case to us for review, still, the opinions are all ours. The model that we have is the large pouch/sleeve in Dark Coffee Brown. The sleeve normally retails for $55.00 and is also available in chestnut, tobacco brown and carbon black.

The specs

Again, a little strange to think of a case in terms of specs, however given the quality and craftsmanship, that term almost applies. The leather is made with “100% stout 4 to 5 oz (2.0mm to 2.2mm) thick Full Grain leather.” And for those like myself who may not appreciate leather quite as much as I should, the example given was that cowboy and work boots are usually made with “1.8mm – 2.0mm thickness.” In addition to the quality leather exterior, the sleeve is made from a solid piece of leather as opposed to a few pieces stitched together and the thread is “double zero continuous-filament Polyester.” Furthermore, the inside is lined with pigskin. Otherwise, the sleeve measures in at 8 3/4 (w) x 10 3/8 (h).

My thoughts

I really, really, really like this case. Not only do I like the sleeve style itself, but I also like the 100 year warranty that comes with it. What can I say, the leather looks great, it smells great, the stitching is near perfect and the sleeve does what it is supposed to — protect the iPad. That said, I have to admit that for the first week I had this case it just sat on my desk, partially because I loved the strong leather smell, but more importantly because the case looks so nice I was afraid to damage it from using it. Needless to say, I have since been using it and it has not only retained the original good looks, but also added some nice coloring from the slight flex of the leather when the iPad comes in and out. Basically, it has only gotten better with use. Of course, that is what you are supposed to do.

The bottom line

Super high quality leather sleeve for the iPad and one that comes with a warranty for way longer than I am going to be around for. The sleeve costs $55 and I would say that is more than fair for a few reasons, one this is nicely made and two being that is a fairly standard price point in terms of iPad cases. And in a strange way, that almost makes this seem like a better deal. In the end, I would not hesitate to recommend, and furthermore, I am going to keep using this one until someone pries it out of my hands.

Lastly, for those looking for another style design, or another product entirely, Saddleback has tons of items available in a variety of colors. In the end, if you want a high quality leather case, sleeve ect for your gadget then Saddleback Leather should be on your list of places to shop.

Product [Saddleback Leather Co.]

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  • rock123

    The materials used are THICK, and the stitching and hand-crafting that must go into the product is obvious. Besides that, when you take the sleeve out of the box for the first time, you’re going to notice that familiar smell of full grain boot leather… ahhh… kind of reminds me of that new baseball glove… except, this baseball glove was built to hold your iPad.
    For more details refer