Gadgetell Review: Aligata leather case for the iPad

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Gadgetell Review Aligata leather case for the iPad

What is being reviewed?

Up for review (and a mighty overdue review at that) is the Nude Beauty, and while that name alone may sound a little risque, this is simply a case for the iPad. The case comes courtesy of Aligata and retails for $79.90. That said, the disclaimer, Aligata provided the case to us for review, however as always with a review — the opinions are all ours.

The specs

While the specs sounds like a strange way to go into an iPad case review, in this instance it almost applies. Well, maybe not specs, but the material that it is made from, which is handmade of natural grain bovine leather. Furthermore, the Aligata iPad case is noted as not using any dyes, colors or chemicals to achieve an “un-fooled-around with leather in it’s most natural state of beauty and uniqueness.”

My thoughts

Overall, I had some positives and some negatives with this case. Though, truth be told, the negatives were due more to my quirks as opposed to with the case. First the positives, the case is just that — a case. It protects the iPad and the front folds back nicely for use when reading or playing. It looks really nice, it is well made both in terms of the leather and the construction (stitching). And the case is clean, what I mean is that it does not have any logo or stamp or anything of any kind. In fact, other than the leather there is the stitching and then a small circular disk that lined up with the back of the iPad to help keep it in place in the case. Otherwise there are access holes for all of the important items to include the speaker, dock, volume, headphone and power switch. One bad with the access holes, they do not always lineup perfectly and that made it harder than I would have liked to attach the sync cable. That is a small issue and one that is my issue. Moving past that and to the only other issue that I can find, the case is made from a really light leather, hence the Nude Beauty name and that makes spots and stains much easier to see. For example, I bumped mine with an ink pen, and instant ink spot. Granted, this was my problem and mistake, but personally I prefer something a little darker for these types or goof ups. That said, there is also a model available in black. Of course, going with the black would cover the natural beauty of this case, and while I feel a little strange saying that (and this) — part of the appeal to the Nude Beauty model is that — enjoying the leather which tends to show minor marks and color changes as time goes on.

The bottom line

If you like a natural leather look, want a folio style case and have an extra $80 laying around then this is probably a good option to at least consider. I have used this case off and on for a few months now and can say it is durable, protects the iPad well and perhaps more important — is really nice looking. Plus it has that nice leather smell.

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