Kobo built into Galaxy Tab for eBook reading

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Samsung Galaxy Tab

So Samsung has finally announced the Galaxy Tab, the 7-inch Android tablet we’ve been hearing so much about. Like most Android devices, Samsung didn’t stop at just putting a new UI over Android and adding some apps readily available in the Market, it built a custom app for some of the features we’d expect a tablet to have.

One of the most popular uses we’ve seen of tablets so far (namely on the iPad), is reading eBooks. Rather than relying on users to get their own apps, Samsung built it’s own launcher for reading eBooks, newspapers and magazines. Together they bring 2.2 million books, 2,500 magazines and 1,600 magazines. For eBooks, rather than building it’s own store like Apple, or relying on Google, Samsung brought in Kobo for reading books. Kobo offers many more books than iBooks for the iPad, including popular authors that Apple lacks such as Steig Larsson, author of the Millennium Trilogy. Kobo specifically designed the included app for the Galaxy Tab, so it should use the screen size and pixel density fully.

The other apps included in the Readers Hub as PressDisplay for newspapers and Zinio for magazines. Of course, users are free to download their own reading apps from the Android Market, and they should scale well, especially is they use Google’s UI guidelines. So, the Amazon and Nook apps might scale well, but it’s nice to know that at least one of the proven stores will definitely work well and look good on the 7-inch screen.

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