Samsung Galaxy Tab dealing with pricing confusion and rumors

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Samsung Galaxy Tab dealing with pricing confusion and rumors

While it was nice that Samsung finally announced the Galaxy Tab tablet, they did fail to offer up any official details in terms of pricing. That said, that little lack of information has lead to some speculating and because of that we are beginning to see a wide variety of prices. Gadgetell is here to clean up the confusion a bit.

It costs $895

To begin with, the 16GB Galaxy Tab was spotted in a product listing with online retailer Expansys sporting a €679.99 price tag (about $895 US).

No, it costs $890 or $1020, definitely.

Furthermore, some have tipped the price in France and Germany to be €699 (about $890 US) and €799 (about $1,020 US) respectively.

Sorry, no, it costs $970 plus.

Then again, the official German O2 Twitter account has made mention of a €759 (about $970 US) price tag with a €99 (about $127 US) deposit and €27.50 (about $35 US) a monthly price thereafter.

And now we’re just dreaming – it’s only $250.

And then, then there was the mention of how it will cost just €200 (about $250 US). Like I said, a wide variety of prices. With that, I think a wait for something official from Samsung may be in order.

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