iPhone 4 case transforms into slide out keyboard

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You can do a lot with an iPhone. Now, it seems you can change the phone from a touchscreen only device to one with a slide out keyboard. The physical keys and keyboard come from Hong Kong and is expected to sell for $69.

The way it works is rather simple: the iPhone plugs into the case allowing the physical keyboard access to the device. To use the keys, simply turn the phone into landscape and slide them out. It isn’t clear if the keyboard will prevent the on-screen soft keyboard from appear, eating valuable real estate.

Produced by the company Nuu, the device was shown off at IFA over in Germany. The keys are raised chicklet like and are backlit. In short, it seems like a keyboard well done, if keyboards are you thing.

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iPhone 4 changes from touchscreen only to slide out keyboard

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  • Kirsty

    Quite a few of these around at the moment – this one looks like a goodun, is there any news on whether it'll be shipping within the EU/ UK? If not I may go for this one which is & is a bit less harsh on the ol' wallet