Wow, that’s tiny: LaCie MosKeyto

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LaCie MosKeyto is a tiny USB key in 4GB or 8GB with secure online storageSo tiny, it’s a must have. Meet the new LaCie MosKeyto, a tiny USB key that extends a miniscule 6mm from your laptop or desktop. The MosKeyto is currently available in 4GB or 8GB for $17.99 or $27.99 respectively. It’s just so cute.

The feature list is pretty short, but then it is just a USB key capable of storing data and simplifying transferring data between machines. There is one nice bonus with the MosKeyto: LaCie has added an extra 4GB of secure online storage with Wuala and included it for free. Nice.

Tiny enough not to hurt the drive if bumped, unlike other USB keys, the MosKeyto is certainly unique.

Product page: [LaCie] via [Uncrate]

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