Google Voice offers missed calls in your inbox

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Google Voice adds missed calls in your inboxCan’t get enough of Google Voice? Here’s a new trick, users can now select to have missed calls logged into your Google Voice inbox. In the past the inbox showed only new messages, having the missed calls logged keeps all your phone happenings in one, convenient spot.

To use the new feature, simple go to Google Voice settings under Call Settings and toggle how you’d like to handle missed calls. Users can choose from having the missed call show up in your inbox or having an email notification sent. Simple.

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  • Khalid J Hosein

    I wonder what verb is going to be coined to describe making calls using Google tech? We already 'skype' but Skype is going to be in serious trouble once a larger audience discovers that Google is in the same game, offering better rates and more e-mail integrated services (like this one).