Chome OS for tablets – er, no, Android for tablets; Google confusion reigns

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So which is it? Google Chrome OS on tablets or Google Android OS on tablets? We’re not sure and it would seem Google may not be either.

Google Chrome was crafted for use on instant-on netbooks, a segment that is being bitten into by tablets. Many have already called for the death of the netbook as Google still isn’t done with its Chrome OS project (not to be confused with the Chrome browser, oh, wait, yes that is confusing).

Google CEO Eric Schmidt, talking at IFA said that Chrome OS will be “targeted at the netbook space, but because it’s free and open source, people will also use it for tablets, But it’s too early to say exactly how it will play out and we’re looking forward to the partnership announcement’s later this year.”

How will Google keep Android off tablets? Will it merge Chrome OS and Android for tablets? Will Chrome leverage games created for Android? Then there is the whole issue of fragmentation – customize for one device and you’ve created issues for updating.

Could this be the partnership announcement Schmidt was referring to?

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