Flight Control app safely lands over 2 billion planes

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There is nothing better than an simple addicting game that if you have a spare 10 minutes, you can fire it up, gain several moments of satisfaction or defeat and continue on about your day. No one has captured that as well as the folks over at Firemint when they gifted the gaming marketplace with Flight Control. Since launch in 2009, Firemint has reported users successfully landing over 2 billion planes, 2 billion. The US within a given year, an estimated 13.5 million commercial and non-commercial planes take flight which totals about 27 million flights in two years. With that said, Flight control has landed 1.9 billion more flights that what the FAA has logged in two years. Math is fun.

Flight control is currently available on in the Apple App store, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii online and coming to PS Network next week. If you haven’t given Flight control a go, we strongly recommend you give it a shot but be sure to allot two to four hours that you will never get back.

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