GV Mobile, the Google Voice app for the iPhone may be coming back to the App Store

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GV Mobile, the Google Voice app for the iPhone may be coming back to the App Store The Google Voice app, GV Mobile was pulled from the App Store back in late-July of last year and since then it had seemed like it would never make a return. That ultimately left iPhone users either without the app or having to jailbreak to get it. Then yesterday Apple changed the rules a bit and offered up some new guidelines in terms of app development guidelines — and low and behold the once removed GV Mobile seems to have meet all of the guidelines.

The news is far from official at this point, but does appear to be good news for Google Voice users still sporting an iPhone. Personally, this was one of the reasons that pushed me so hard to go Android. But that aside, the word is coming direct from Sean Kovacs, who is the GV Mobile app developer.

According to posts on his Twitter stream;

“Since GV Mobile complies with all 110+ guidelines newly posted by Apple, it should get approved?”

Based on that it would appear as if the GV Mobile app should be approved, but it gets a little better yet. Sean went on to tweet a message that sounded real promising;

“Good news: I did get confirmation back from Apple that it will most likely get back in once I resubmit.”

With that, it is “likely” that it will get approved, which is far from a guarantee. That said, it is still better than nothing at this point.

And finally, as to make sure the users are taken care of, Sean went on to let everyone know that the app would be made free for a day that way users would not have to make another purchase to get it back. Personally I purchased it three times already, once before it was approved as a jailbroken app, then when it hit the official App Store and then back from Cydia after it was removed and relaunched as GV Mobile +. Either way, I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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