Archos begins shipping the Archos 32 Internet Tablet for $150

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Archos 32

The 3.2 inch Android Internet Table from Archos — aptly dubbed the Archos 32 — has already begun shipping for $150. Even though Archos calls its device an Internet Tablet, I consider it more of a Portable Media Player as I reserve the label tablet for devices with larger screens. Naming issues aside, the Archos 32 comes with some solid specs and its price tag of $150 is pretty reasonable.

The Archos 32 features a 3.2 inch touch screen, Android 2.2, 800MHz ARM Cortex A8 processor, built-in video camera, WiFi, and Bluetooth. In terms of storage, the Internet Tablet features 8GB of onboard memory and offers support for a variety of formats. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with access to the Android Market, instead, it comes pre-loaded with several essential apps. Expect 24 hours of battery when listening to music, 8 hours for web surfing, and 6 hours for video playback.

If you are interested in purchasing the Archos 32, the Archos online store is currently selling the Android Internet Tablet for $150.

Check it out [Archos]

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  • Jackson

    Where can we possibly buy this product at a retailer store? When will the Archos 32 Internet Tablet be available in stores like BestBuy and Walmart? This product has everything that I liked, just kinda like the Itouch, but better.