Verizon launching Galaxy Tab on Thursday?

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Verizon Galaxy Tab leak

We knew this had to be coming soon, but a new leak to Engadget is placing the announcement of the Verizon-branded Galaxy Tab in just a few days. It seems we might see the Galaxy Tab on Verizon sooner than expected.

The leak to Engadget only mentions that Verizon will be holding a surprise event on Thursday to announce the Android tablet. The only real detail about the device aside from what we already know (Froyo, Flash 10.1) is that the it will feature “a number of exclusive apps.” That could probably mean Skype, Bing and NFL apps. Otherwise, there’s not much to the leak. We don’t even have any announcement of the surprise event, like the exact time and place.

Now we can only hope that the Verizon Galaxy Tab, or any US version of the tablet for that matter, doesn’t require a two-year contract. Subsidy is always nice, but requiring a monthly payment to use a tablet isn’t. Hopefully someone can give a plan more akin to the iPad’s data plans on the Galaxy Tab.

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