Internet Explorer 9 peeks its head out, Beta released today

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internet explorer 9 header

At some point today Microsoft will unveil the ninth installment to it’s browser history with a beta release of Internet Explorer 9. The new browser promises a more robust user web experience by fully adopting the new HTML5 format, amped up media playback and more effective use of today’s Web standards. Yes, IE using web standards. Packaged with these said web standards IE has brought with them several developing partners like Amazon, IMDB, CNN and music listener Jango. These partners they are looking to achieve an “optimized platform to create immersive app-like experience” with ability to pin website apps to the taskbar rather than typing in a web address. How many sites choose to develop added functionality specifically for IE9 will be interesting.

We assume as the latest and greatest comes from the new HTML5 standard, visually companies are looking to remove the feeling that you are in a browser. We are completely okay with that as long as, like Adobe Flash, our back button still works.

Read and screenshots [fastcompany]

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