Verizon’s got an Android app store

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According to the Android and Me website, Verizon will launch it’s own VCast app store for Droid phones running Android 2.1 and higher. Verizon will begin selling third party apps (with a 30/70 split on revenue) through the site and will be responsible for approving or declining apps. Will the move help distinguish Verizon Droid phones or will it just be filled with bloatware?

From my vantage point, I don’t see this as a good thing. Forgetting I find most VCast stuff deplorable, having another place to get apps could be confusing for customers. Which app store did you get that in? If more app stores come online, the potential exists for more confusion.

Then, there’s the “why?” problem. Why would users want to develop for the Verizon store, reaching only a subset of Android users? Visibility perhaps? Verizon is offering the same take (70%) for developers as Google’s app repository. We would expect these apps to be limited to Verizon phones. Can we have differentiation without fragmentation?

It would seem that Google doesn’t have any issue with Verizon moving forward with this, as the two have been buddy-buddy as of late. Perhaps I am wrong on this but it doesn’t feel like a path we want to see for Android.

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