Football in HD comes to Boxee

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UFL on Boxee With devices like the upcoming Boxee Box and Apple TV it’s easy to say that you’d willingly cancel your cable subscription and use their services for media consumption. The one thing most of these boxes lack, however, is live sports, which is increasingly the one reason to continue subscribing to cable. Today Boxee has announced a partnership that’s one step closer to changing that.

Starting today you can get free HD (American) football games on Boxee. Before you get too excited, the games are from the UFL (United Football League), so it’s not exactly the NFL, but it’s still football. To make it better, the broadcast of the games are free. The games come by way of a Boxee app, titles United Football League. You’ll be able to get “almost every league game” from the Boxee app at the same time they air on Versus and HDNet. The Boxee broadcast will have the same features as the traditional broadcast, and you’ll also be able to go back and watch previous games on-demand.

Now, this isn’t the first sports league to come to Boxee, has been on the platform since the launch of the App Library. However, the UFL provides the games for free rather than charging the ridiculous amount of money the MLB wants. The UFL isn’t nearly as large as the MLB, and only has a few teams in markets that the NFL leaves out (Las Vegas, Omaha, Hartford, Orlando and Sacramento so far), so the league more needs the publicity more than the money. Even if there isn’t a team for your area, football is football, and having access to a newer league is better than not having acces to any. Although, if the NFL could come to Boxee, I’d gladly cancel cable.

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