The Complete Android Guide ebook/book now available [Sunday Reading]

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The Complete Android Guide ebook/book now available Sunday Reading

Kevin Purdy, of Lifehacker fame has recently released his long awaited book on Android. The book is called The Complete Android Guide and as the name implies — it covers all things Android. The nice part, well one of a few nice parts, is that the book covers lots of goodies which means it should be a good read for both the Android beginner and Android master alike.

According to Kevin, the book “covers both the very basics of the phone, and provides some handy tips and little-known fixes for more experienced users. The main chapters walk through the whole experience, from first turning on your phone and setting up your accounts to learning the nitty-gritty of browsing, camera settings, Gmail and email management, home screen organization, and the like.”

As for reading, there are a few options available. You can read for free online as well as purchase either a DRM-free ebook for $9 or a paperback edition for $19.95. Personally I will be buying the ebook version myself, but while I am waiting some funds to make their way into my PayPal account I began reading the free online version last night. So far I have only read the first two chapters, which are “Meet Your Android” and “Get Started With Android” but I can say it is a great read so far. That said, those interested can hit up the links below…

Buy [] Read [] Via [Lifehacker]

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