Flickr eclipses 5 billion photo uploads

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This morning photo sharing giant Flickr surpassed the 5 billion photo mark as reported by Media Culpa. According to the site’s numbers, Flickr is pacing around a billion uploads a year from users over a three year span. Flickr hit it’s one millionth upload back in October of 2004 and it’s first billion sometime between July and October of 2007. The user that contributed as the 5 billionth upload was Aaron Yeo’s (user: yeoaaron) image collage of the Woodward’s Building in Vancouver with notation “I am Mr. 5 Billion, and there ain’t nothing you can do to stop me.” And well Aaron, there really isn’t.

Comparatively the site is lagging behind Facebook who claimed 15 billion photos uploads back in April of 2009 and sees that number climbing at an estimated 2.5 billion a month. But when considering the types of photos and photo quality uploaded between the two sites, we will happily accept Flickr’s pace over Facebook’s.

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