VLC comes to the iPad

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VLC Media Player for iPad

As anyone who owns an iOS device can attest to, one of the most frustrating parts of the experience is having to change media file types to work on the devices. The best way to make sure video is compatible is to buy it from the iTunes store, but you might want to get your media from other locations that don’t involve FairPlay DRM. Now you can easily play those videos no matter what the codec on your iPad.

VLC Media Player, the popular desktop app that can play just about anything you can throw at it, is now on the iPad. Instead of the previous VLC apps for iOS devices, this isn’t just a simple remote, it’s a full-fledged VLC player. That means you have all the codecs you’d expect to see in VLC, now playable on your iPad. It works just like CineXPlayer, where the media is loaded onto the app via the Apps tab in iTunes. It might not be as elegant as it would be if you were purchasing the content from Apple, but it could be a lot worse.

The VLC app is apparently officially launching on September 21, but it’s up for download today, and seems to work just fine. It’s promising that APple has allowed this and CineXPlayer into the App Store, something we never could have imagined just a few months ago. Perhaps it’s because of the pressure from Android smartphones and tablets, but either way, this more lenient Apple is very nice to have around.

Now, if we could have a VLC player for the iPhone, that would be even better.

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  • Kainen

    VLC Media Player is a very famous desktop app that can play just about anything you can throw at it, is now on the iPad. I am not a developer, but will gladly pitch on the design work of player if needed, and I truly hope that we will see an official VLC player for the iPad. <a href="New" rel="nofollow">">New Gadgets