HP on webOS tablet: our tablet-style devices will be “similar to the iPad”

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We have already learned that HP was planning to release a webOS based tablet sometime in 2011 and now, for good or bad it looks like the device will be “similar to the iPad.” The statement comes courtesy of HP’s Peter Helm who stated in an email to the Palm Developer Community that;

“Now that we are officially part of HP, we are going full speed ahead with our applications initiative. Our proprietary operating system, webOS, is now the OS that will be used in HP’s mobile devices. This includes mobile handsets as well as tablet-style devices similar to the iPad. We will accordingly leverage Palm’s ability to innovate and the scale of HP’s vast install base and distribution network previously unavailable to us.”

You can break that down and read into it how ever you see fit. Personally I would say the iPad is a great device and to have something similar in size, shape, features or most important — battery life would be a good thing.

Via [Engadget]

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