Sprint quietly activating WiMAX in San Francisco?

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Sprint 4G in San Francisco

If you’re living in San Francisco, or happen to visit the city at any time, (or if you just know some people in the area) chances are you’ve had (or heard of) many problems with AT&T’s network, especially when trying to use the iPhone.If those issues caused you to switch to Sprint’s 4G phones, or to pick up an Overdrive, today is cause for celebration.

Despite the lack of any formal announcement from Sprint, it seems San Francisco is finally covered by 4G WiMAX. The network seems to have gone up sometime last night, or today. Either way, those in the city can now access the Internet much faster from their mobile devices, with reports going as high as 7 Mbps down, which is even higher than the advertised 3 to 6 Mbps. Unfortunately we don’t have to means to test out the new network in San Francisco, so we’ll just have to go with what we’re seeing elsewhere.

We should hopefully expect to see an official announcement from Sprint and Clearwire soon. It seems strange that the network would start working in San Francisco without some sort of huge announcement. The residents of the city have long complained about the service they receive with the iPhone, and it would only make sense to tout the EVO 4G and Epic 4G as having faster, probably more reliable network coverage in the city by the bay. Either way, have fun with the 4G in San Francisco, those of us in New York are still waiting for the network to be turned on.

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  • Stephanie Vinge

    Stephanie from Sprint here. Sprint hasn't officially launched 4G in San Francisco yet but it is true that you may stumble across a live Sprint 4G signal as they work to optimize the 4G network there for launch. And for those of you in NYC, you'll likely find the same thing: a 4G signal in the city here or there while the network is tested and optimized in preparation for launch soon.