Netflix may bring streaming-only plan to US

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Netflix Canada

After launching Netflix in Canada, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings joked about how Americans won’t notice that Canadians are getting a reduced price for streaming-only service. Now he’s apologizing, and claiming that the company is looking into the same thign for Americans.

In a Netflix blog post Hastings apologized for his comment, which he says was a joke, by clarifying why Canadians are getting a price cut. He says that the only reason the service is cheaper is because American’s have a DVD-by-mail service alongside the streaming. He continues on to say that Netflix is looking into providing a similar service to Americans so we can cut out the DVDs and/or Blu-ray discs for streaming-only service.

Its surprising that it took this long for Netflix to “look at adding a streaming-only option in the USA,” seems what a lot of people have been wanting for a while. It would probably cause an issue for many to decide if they really want/need DVDs alongside the streaming.

Either way, Reed Hastings should learn that “awkward joke[s]” don’t translate well into print. Don’t worry, though, you can make it all up to us. Just give the “self-absorbed” Americans streaming access to the three previous seasons of Mad Men like our neighbors to the North get. That would be the best apology you can make to this particular American.

Read [Netflix Blog] Via [Engadget]

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