Target to sell iPads starting October

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Target Logo When the iPad first launched you had a few choices of where to buy it: Apple stores, Apple’s online store and select Best Buys. It looks like Apple isn’t content with such limited chances to buy the popular tablet, starting next month we have one more option.

On October 3, Target will being selling Apple’s iPad. The stor will carry all six models of the iPad for the same price Apple sells them at. However, starting on October 17, anyone who buys an iPad at Target using a Target credit card will save 5% on the device. That knocks the lowest priced iPad, the $499 16 GB WiFi model, to $474.05. For the most expensive model, the $829 64 GB 3G + WiFi version, paying with a target card will bring the price down to $787.55. Keep in mind this is before taxes, but it’s still a pretty good deal.

The announcement comes shortly after Best Buy announced it will start selling iPads in every store starting on Sunday. It looks like Apple is trying to gear up for the coming holiday season by offering more outlets to buy the device which will most likely be a very popular gift. If you’ve ever walked into an Apple store you must know how popular the device can be, it’s usually next to impossible to even touch a demo unit, let alone buy one of the devices. So now, if nothing else, there’s at least one more stop on the search to find a store that has iPads in stock.

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