Who’s more smartphone savvy: Gen X or Gen Y?

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A new study conducted by Forrester Research in Q2 of 2010 looked at smartphone adoption and habits by generational groupings. The study shows that almost 1 out of 4 in generations X and Y carry a smartphone while all adults over 18 sees that ratio drop to less than 1 in 5. The results show the effects of early adoption and the explosion of social networking.

Generation X is defined as 31 to 44 year olds while generation Y is defined as 18 to 30 year olds. “While Americans’ adoption of a digital lifestyle continues, Gen Y and Gen X outpace Baby Boomers and Seniors on almost everything technology related.”

“The digital attitudes and behaviors that Gen Y and Gen X are cultivating now will follow them as they age and will only be multiplied in the generations that follow them,” said Forrester Research Consumer Insights Analyst Jacqueline Anderson. “Gen Y in particular is living and breathing a digital social life. In almost every online or mobile behavior, Gen Y leads the adoption curve.

The distinctions between Gen X and Gen Y comes in how technology is used. Both are early adopters while Gen Yers lead the effort and are utilize social networks as part of daily rituals while Gen Xers ” have mastered the art of using digital tools in a more functional manner, especially if it supports their family’s needs,” said Anderson.

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