Expensive iPhone 4 sells out in China

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The latest version of Apple’s iPhone 4 is doing well in China. Apple managed to pre-sell 200,000 and another 40,000 were sold opening day, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. This exhausted the supply on hand, leaving many customers without the new gadget.

Apple’s reduction in lag between US introduction and a China launch looks to be a win for the company. Earlier this month, the iPad was introduced in China. These two products combined with more store openings (adding a targeted 25 locations this year) show Apple is serious about getting a foothold in the country.

The iPhone is sold exclusively on Unicom on higher-than-average service plans. Apple spokespeople insist shipments of new iPhone 4s are already arriving and interested customers should check online or at local stores for availability.

Read: [WSJ]

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  • Samir Shah

    Notwithstanding China success iPhone IS expensive. In India, Samsung has $190 and $225 Android phones. iPhone is expensive in India at $600.

    Apple will soon have Windows/Mac moment where they have to choose between Mac like market position vis-a-vis Android and be satisfied with it or come up with more and cheaper form factors for iPhone and iPad and be like Windows.

    Again I am not counting Windows Phone 7 which can be a wild card.

  • JG Mason

    Samir, do you see the iPhone everywhere, as you do in the US? Or is the $600 price tag keeping it down?