Microsoft pledges to save us from our phones with Windows Phone

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You are missing life. That’s the gist of what appears to be the marketing direction from Microsoft for their new Windows Phone. We are a world consumed with small screens, tiny gestures and are forever looking down at a gadget instead of life around you. “Be here now” is their new battle-cry.

Microsoft hits an interesting point: how much are missing by staring into our phones? The point is valid, as I think we’ve all been stuck behind someone in line that is too busy to notice it’s their turn. But the question remains, will that sell phones?

Don’t we want to hear how much we can do with our phone? Isn’t that the game that Apple and Android devices have going? The phones are designed to scream, “look at me!”

What’s your take? Are you overloaded and could use a phone that gets you on and off it quickly (and not because of a crappy signal)? Let us know in the comments.

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