Best Buy hoping to sell the BlackBerry Playbook tablet “when it comes to market”

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It looks like Best Buy is itching to become one of the first to offer the recently announced BlackBerry Playbook tablet once it comes available.

“When it comes to market, we’re going to be very happy to offer it to our customers,” Mr. Dunn said at an event to discuss Best Buy’s holiday plans.

Of course, this seems to make perfect sense considering the PlayBook (at least for initial launch) will not have 3G (or 4G) connectivity. In other words, given the lack of mobile broadband from a wireless operator RIM is going to need to find another way to sell these tablets. After all, the carriers have always been the best way to get a BlackBerry smartphone but that will not be the case with this tablet.

With that, it will also make a nice addition for Best Buy considering they have the Apple iPad and Dell Streak tablets. Maybe they will also be offering the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which could make them the go-to place to check out all of the hot tablet devices under one roof.

Read [WSJ] Via [CrunchGear]

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