Broadcasters pushing to stick FM radios in your cell phone – 70% say no thanks

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CEA says broadcasters should man up, quit whining and provide value as congress considers making FM radios mandatory in cell phones

According to Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)® surveys, Americans want the market to determine what goes in their phones, not government. The studies shows increasing wariness about governments behavior regarding their interest in whats in our phones. What prompted the study? Broadcasters are pushing congress to add mandatory FM radios to phones.

In what could be my favorite quote of the year, Gary Shapiro, CEA CEO had this to say,

“Broadcasters should man up, stop whining to Congress and start competing.”

The survey conducted by CEA tested Americans reactions to manditory FM radios in cell phones. The result was 70% opposed the measure. Further, a full 80% the government mandating anything in our phones.

Broadcasters are using a dispute over royalties from radio stations. The move to get a foothold in all cell phones was proposed as a compromise. The broadcasters believe they are right, pointing to the idea that “broadcasters provide a tremendous lifeline service” by keeping people informed during emergencies such as hurricanes or terrorist attacks, says National Association of Broadcasters spokesman Dennis Wharton.

It’s an interesting point, cell phones could make helpful information dissemination devices in the event of a disaster that cripples our wireless networks. Sharpiro points out that many such phones with FM radios are already on the market. The bottom line is this: do we want government insisting what goes into our beloved phones?

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