Bad news for Star Wars fans: 3D is coming

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Star Wars coming back at you in 3D

With the success of 3D movies in theaters, according to Hollywood Reporter sources, it seems George Lucas has taken note of it and sees the “new” craze a way to earn a little bit more green from the movies. The first release is set to hit theaters in 2012. But there is worse news.

I am often asked, what’s the right way to introduce Star Wars newbies? Should they start at “A New Hope” or dig in at “Phantom Menace”? My answer differs from Mr. Lucas’ apparently as the first 3D release will be Phantom Menace. Ugh. I think the news would have been less stinging if they’d going with “A New Hope” but…

After “Phantom Menace” or PM if you hang around fan websites, Lucus intends to release one after the other on a yearly schedule. That means in 2017, we’ll be done hating this choice by Lucas or looking back at this post and commenting on how misdirected it was.

Can 3D bring anything new the trilogy and the prequels or will this just go down as a bad idea, like the Ewoks: Battle for Endor? Let us know in the comments.

Read: [Hollywood Reporter]

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  • Nathan Moses

    I used to say George Lucas lost his direction on the subsequent films, which don't match the story and creativity of the earlier works, but now I just say good for him for understanding that the movies are only as good as the amount of green they put in his pocket. Since all the 3D in the world can't make the original movies look as up to day as the later episodes, it makes sense to do the later movies first and then finish with the others, which will take longer, because he will doubtless do all kinds of CG work on to make them seem more technically in line with the modern films. If he has found a way to milk his creation for another billion dollars then I say good luck!

  • JG Mason

    I think it is interesting with all my moping about desecrating the original trilogy that I will be in line opening night to see all 3D Star Wars movies. Mr. Lucas clearly knows how to tug at our purse strings…

  • Jim

    I, for one, welcome the 3D. I think it would be spectacular. It would give a whole new look to the films. Then when they get released on 3D Blu-Ray everyone with 3D TV's will be celebrating wildly. Me for sure!

  • oneblankspace

    Maybe he should start with Episode VII in 3-D.

  • David Markham

    If you knew anything about the situation or were a reporter of any kind of decent caliber, you would know that Lucas has been talking about 3D Star Wars long before this current craze. It's only now that the install base for projection is high enough for him to plan the release. This is no rush job nor quick cash-in. They've been working on this for at least five years.

    As for the release order, Lucas put in this cute little Easter Egg that let's you know in what order they should really be watched. Right after the movie starts and the initial "STAR WARS" logo goes off the screen, the opening crawl begins. Pause your VHS, DVD or whatever just after the first few lines have appeared. There you will see text that some fans have a real hard time understanding, but they read "Episode I" for the first movie and then progressively increase until you get to the last, "Episode VI".

  • rubenrubert

    3d is very welcoming step