First iPhone in Space thanks to father and son team

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first iPhone in space

Now this is cool. Luke Geissbuhler and his kids built more or less a spaceship designed to ride up via weather balloon into space, then fall back to Earth. The expiration included a digital camera to document the whole thing and an iPhone to be used for locate the craft after it returned to Earth. I wish my Dad was this cool.

The video, pasted below, tells the story and the to their credit, they catch all but the last two minutes as it seems the cold temperatures finally affect the camera’s batteries after it is almost home, 100 minutes into the flight. The result of their 8-months of research and testing: HD video of actual space footage. Fantastic.

Encased in insulating Styrofoam and packed with handwarmers, the iPhone handled location duties. Communicating with cell towers and GPS satellites. The unit was finally located after it fell back to Earth, a mere 30 miles away from the launch site. It was stuck in a tree found by the LED beacon they were clever enough to think of.

Homemade Spacecraft from Luke Geissbuhler on Vimeo.

My research came up empty for another iPhone in space. If you find something, post in the comments.

Source: [Laughing Squid]

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