Monster announces the BeatBox iPod speaker dock

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Monster BeatBox

Monster, while known for having crazy expensive cables, has been quite successful with its Beats by Dre line. The line started with a collection of headphones and earbuds, and now for the first time is expanding to speakers.

Monster today announced the BeatBox, a Beats-branded iPod speaker. Unlike most iPod speaker docks, the BeatBox isn’t portable, according to Noel Lee, that’s because if you wanted to power the 300 W amp in the device, you’d need a car battery. The BeatBox carries the same “Beat profile,” and is said to fill a room with sound. The models Monster were showing off were in a rather noisy hallway, but they did sound good. It’d be easier to test in a room without multiple speakers going. Also like all Beats product, they have a heavy bass that works well with Dre’s sort of hip hop music, though we were assured it would also work well with rock music.

The BeatBox will be coming in the next month and will cost $399. Not the most affordable iPod speaker, but it should sound pretty good. According to Chairman of Interscope Geffen A&M Records Jimmy Iovine, he’s been using the BeatBox in place of his very expensive stereo system that he took 15 years to get perfect. Sounds fairly impressive, but we wouldn’t mind testing it out for ourselves.

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